Onboard 6.6kW Liquid-Cooled Charger (225-450VDC)


The BC-Series 6.6kW Liquid-Cooled on-board EV Battery Charger's rugged construction has a fully isolated output. This versatile charger operates in wet, dusty, & harsh environments.

Our customer support is available to assist you with setting up and integrating the charger into your system. The BC-Series is designed to be adaptable to the requirements of the future.

Product Specifications

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Product Description


6.6kW BC Series Liquid-Cooled EV Battery Charger (112-225VDC)

The DBC-Series 6.6kW EV Battery Charger’s rugged cast construction with a fully isolated output. This versatile under-the-hood charger is designed for harsh automotive environments providing years of reliable service. The DBC Series is designed for today and to keep your products ready to meet the requirements of the future.

The DBC-Series chargers have the integrated SAE J1772 (type 1), Mennekes (type 2), GB/T 20234.2, and CHAdeMO interface options and is IP67 rated (submersible). Communication is achieved through 2 CAN Bus interfaces. The DBC-Series Chargers are capable of charging up to a 900V Battery Pack without the need for a center tap and under full BMS control. You can parallel pairs in series to charge up to 900V battery packs at 13.2kW, 19.8kW and 26.4kW. The charger is designed to meet the stringent shake and vibration requirements of GMW3172. With this ruggedness, the charger can be mounted virtually anywhere onboard or off-board without the risk of damage from water or dust.

Up to the first 10 chargers are shipped with all of the external cables, VIP Control Software and User Manual at no extra charge. Chargers are shipped with everything needed to integrate it into your vehicle. After the first 10 chargers, Current Ways will provide you with our approved suppliers for the cables so you can integrate them into your wire harnesses, or you can purchase the cable kits from Current Ways. Current Ways cables must be used to preserve the IP67 rating and warranty. Our excellent customer support is available most anytime to assist you with setting up and integrating the charger into your system.

The BC-Series is designed to be adaptable to the requirements of the future.

  • Mechanical Specifications:
    • Full Active Front End with bi-directional dual active bridge—ready for V2G (May be deployed for unidirectional or bi-directional operation)
    • PLC Communication over Pilot for Fast DC Charging and V2G Communication
    • Scalable-easily paralleled for 13.2kW / 19.8kW / 26.4kW
    • DSP-based Digital Power Control System
    • SAE J1772 (type 1), Mennekes (type 2), GB/T 20234.2 and CHAdeMO, CCS2 compliant interface
    • Dual CAN Ports
    • Operates at +70C inlet temperature without derating
    • IP67 Rated
    • UL2202
    • UL1741 (Utility-Interactive Inverter)
    • IEEE 1547 (Utility-Interactive Inverter)

  • Input Specifications:
    • Input Voltage:       Universal AC Input (97-265 VAC)
    • Current:                 19A / 32A; Auto limit by line voltage
    • Frequency:            47-63Hz
    • Inrush Current:     < 40A @ 240 VAC
    • Protection:            Internally Fused 40A, both lines
    • Leakage:               < .75mA @ 240 VAC, 60 Hz
    • Efficiency:             ~96% typical

  • Output Specifications:
    • Rated Power:                              6.6kW at 240VAC / Up to 1.8kW at 120VAC
    • Output Voltage:                          250-425VDC
    • Ripple Current:                          < 2% below 20 MHz
    • Setpoint Accuracy:                   +/-2%
    • Over Current Protection:         110% Self Limiting
    • Over Voltage Protection:         120% Threshold
    • Efficiency:                                   120% Threshold
    • Over Power Protection:           115% Threshold

  • Environmental:
    • Environmental Protection:

    IP67 Rated against water and/or dust(submersible for 30 min at 1 meter)

    • Thermal Shake & Vib.:

    Designed to meet GMW-3172

    • Operating Temp:

    -40C to +85C input liquid temp without derating (with 60/40 mix glycol/water coolant)

    • Over Temp Protection:

    85C Internal temperature

    • Cooling:

    Liquid Cooling 6 liters/min

    • EMI Compliance:

    Designed to meet FCC Class B emissions

    • Safety Compliance:

    Designed to meet UL2202, UL1741, IEEE 1547, Model-based Design