"EVs keep us moving forward from the past days of Black tar, to Greener pastures."

Located in California, Current Ways is a leading global electric vehicle charging solution provider. Current Ways is a spin-off of an American low and high voltage power supply industry leader—LHV Power Corporation. Utilizing LHV Power’s 22+ years in providing leading edge power supply technology and solutions, with our dedication to customer-centric innovation and strong partnerships, Current Ways has developed many high performance, high quality on-board and off-board charging products which are used in applications such as electric automobiles, trucks, specialty off road vehicles, aircraft, speed boats, energy storage applications, see more below. Through continuous improvement (CI), we at Current Ways are committed to creating maximum value and providing competitive on- and off-board charging solutions and services to our customers. Current Ways’ products and solutions have been used in many countries and areas in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. Our customers include global aircraft manufacturers, global auto parts manufacturers, American leading electric truck manufacturers, Canadian electric bus manufacturers, UK and NA high-performance sport auto makers, American and Euro-Asian boat manufacturers, and labs and special projects at top Universities. Being part of the solution to tough environmental pollution and global warming problems, Current Ways brings its best products and technologies to the market. We are here to help build a beautiful world, a harmonious world, and a greener world!


Our Brand Identity: Excellent Performance; from the United States
Our Brand Promise: Reduce Environmental Pollution, Create a Greener World
Our Mission Statement: Our mission is to create a greener world, improve people’s lives by using our leading technology and relentless innovation.


Current Ways focuses on reducing environmental pollution and creating a greener world through our dedication to customer-centric innovation. By cooperating with our partners, we are continuously creating improved value for our shareholders and the society. Based on serving people to improve the planet for this and future generations, we will keep focus on improving our product, technology, and service. Current Ways promises to be a responsible corporate citizen and will strive to contribute to the betterment of society.



Electric Vehicles – Both OEM and Conversion shops building PEV (Plug-In Electric Vehicles) or PHEV (Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles). Commonly order:  Air-Cooled Battery Charger (112-225VDC) | Liquid-Cooled Battery Charger (112-225VDC)

Electric Medium and Heavy Duty Trucks and Vans – Trucks typically need higher voltage charging. The Current Ways Charger can be paralleled to reduce the charge time 6kW, 9kW, up to 60kW depending on the charge requirements. 2 chargers can be put in series to charge up to a 900Vdc battery pack. Commonly order: Liquid-Cooled Charger (225-450VDC) | Air-Cooled Charger (225-450VDC)

Energy Storage Systems – Large cells of batteries are charged via solar panels and/or wind turbines. The Current Ways charger monitors and charges the batteries to keep them at their peak performance. Commonly order: Air-Cooled Charger (225-450VDC)

Vehicle Charging Stations – Electric Vehicle remote charging is an important step to the EV infrastructure. Current Ways will support the industry by supplying AC/DC Chargers for integration into Level 3 DC charge stations. Commonly order: Liquid-Cooled (72 VDC)




CW Careers:

At Current Ways, we believe our employee is truly our best asset. Our products are strong, customer service exemplary, and market position has experienced stability and growth in the last decade as a result of the great talent working here. We’d love to hear more about how you might fit in, please See our Current Openings.